8 Ways You Know You Work in A Small Office

Working in a (very) small office definitely has its quirks. If you work or have worked in a small office environment, here are some things that may ring familiar to you!

  1. You are constantly rearranging your work area for more space! No matter how much you and your fellow employees move everything around, you’ll never be able to get that "perfect bubble." And even after you’re done moving, you still feel too close to someone else.

  2. Everyone is cluttered, physically and electronically. Not only is your desk cluttered, but so is your computer. Having all those tabs open can be hectic and annoying.

  3. If you forget someone’s name, you feel like the worst person in the world. Nothing’s more awkward than having a conversation with someone and not knowing their name the whole time, especially when you only work alongside 6 other people!

  4. Everyone is friends outside the workplace. With a small business, it is inevitable that everyone gets close and becomes great friends within a matter of time. So, if you plan on ditching a weekend hangout held by the boss, your absence is sure to be noticed. 

  5. You’re never alone when you’re on the phone and everyone loves to listen in for things to gossip about. This leaves you with only two choices: either step outside or have everyone listen to you explain to your mother why you're still not married.

  6. When someone brings in food, you’re suddenly the most popular person in the office. When that smell of delicious food lingers, you are bound to receive jealous stares from co-workers suffering through their microwaveable lunch. Not to mention, if anyone steals your clearly-labelled food from the fridge, there are only a few possible culprits so it's a quick elimination game.

  7. Any open space is storage space. There isn’t a storage room, because that room is used as an office. So where does storage go then? Wherever it will fit!

  8. Your co-workers become more like family. Working all day together and countless late nights are bound bring everyone together.