Make This School Year Count

The month of September means the coming of Fall, and we all know what Fall brings. Every grocery and office supply store have lines out the door and people frantically race to get the last pack of paper. The race is worth it, though, because there is nothing better than walking into the classroom knowing that you're prepared for whatever the year throws at you. With a backpack full of soon-to-be-full notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils and the following tips, you are sure to have one of your best school years yet. 


1. Get out of your comfort zone. This may sound like a contradiction, but sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to see what you're really capable of. Try out for the sport that you've always wanted to play but been too nervous to take the plunge. Talk to new people that you may have never spoken to otherwise. 

2. Find a passion. This often goes hand-in-hand with stepping outside your comfort zone. Once you get out there and just try things, you may realize that you have a natural knack or talent for something. Maybe you branching out and taking that salsa-dancing class made you realize, hey, I'm actually pretty good at this! Once you find that one thing, keep working at it!

3. Make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning. I know you're thinking, what does the state of my bed have to do with my year? Well, starting the day by immediately making your bed is a quick way to make you feel like you've achieved something already, and the day hasn't even started yet! This sense of achievement can actually motivate you throughout the day to be more productive at school.


4. Plan it out! Organization is key. Whether you use a paper planner, your phone, or your laptop, simply laying out what all you need to do is the first step in getting it done. As soon as a teacher gives an assignment or important deadline, write it down! *Helpful tip: Begin your to-do list with something that you have already achieved. Like making your bed, this makes you feel more productive, which in turn can actually make you more productive!

5. Reach out to your teachers or professors. Teachers are there to help, so if you ever need clarification or help with something, simply ask them. Whether you ask them during class or after, showing that you're eager to learn and understand makes you a better student overall. As you progress, the relationships you build with your teachers can be crucial for networking and employment opportunities, so it's best to start as early as you can!