The Annual WW2 Reenactment in Linden, TN

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Once a year, Linden, TN holds a World War II reenactment. During the weekend, the town transforms into a replica of America during the second world war. Guests can see posters and advertisements that were most likely seen hung up in store fronts and shop windows, townspeople dressed in 1940’s attire, and campsites are set up to recreate an atmosphere that represents the hardships of the soldiers and their living conditions. 

This festival began in 2012 and has remained a popular event for the townspeople and the visitors that pass through for the weekend. Every year it has had a way of bringing people together in a fun and educational way. This most importantly honors and remembers those who have served and fought for the USA.

The battle reenactment is performed in the morning of the first official day of the festival. Afterwords, there is an opening ceremony to explain the reasoning behind the reenactment and to kickoff the rest of the activities, such as live music and a parade to honor the veterans.


This brings many families together to see what every aspect of the 1940’s was like. Things such as Homefront Kitchen, which is a reenactment of the home life during that time, is very popular and is provided as a learning experience for many of the visitors. This gives tourists a view into what family life was like and how the average American family interacted and thought during that time. 

Another popular attraction is the chance to meet and speak with veterans. They give another perspective into what life and battle was like then. The festival provides the visitors with one-on-one conversations with these veterans and allows them to share their incredible stories and experiences with the public. 

Veterans such as Olin R. Pickens and Paul Jackson attended the 2018 festival and shared their experiences of serving in the U.S Army and through that, many people have heard of a direct experience of life on the battlefield.


Historical displays are also shown to the public in the old First Baptist Church, which is used as a temporary museum for the reenactment. Things such as historical memorabilia and artifacts are put on display along with the collectors of those items. The owners give speeches and provide information about the items and why they started collecting them. These artifacts provide another perspective of World War II and can be used as a learning opportunity for people of all ages. 

Overall, the Remembering WW2 Annual Festival is a worthwhile family friendly activity and a wonderful learning experience for all ages! Through this, the stories and real life experiences of the families and veterans will be passed down through the years.

  The Annual WW2 Reenactment in Linden, TN will be held on September 26th, 2019.