Simple & Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, why spend too much money on a store-bought costume when you can make one that is even more creative, more fun to make, and much cheaper in your own home? By making your own costume, you can be sure that your unique costume with your own personal little touches will stand out at any Halloween party you attend. Here are some ideas for simple yet fun Halloween costumes that you can make in your own kitchen this year!


1. Vampire

This one is simple and scary! All you need is some foundation that is much too light for your skin, some red food coloring or fake blood to draw lines down your lips, some fake vampire fangs, and some red lipstick! You can also use a dark-colored eyeliner pencil to create "holes" on each side of your neck like you have been bitten!


2. Wednesday Addams

If you like to incorporate pop culture references into your costumes, this one is great for you! All you need is a simple long-sleeved black dress with a white collar popping up underneath it. Style your hair into two braids on each side of your head. To finish it off, maybe even add some foundation or powder that is too light for your skin tone in order to really get that pale look she has goin' on.

3. 101 Dalmations

This idea is great for a group costume! All you need to do is pick an all-white outfit and, using black marker, draw big black dots all over it. Using dark eyeliner, draw some dots on your face, too.


4. Rosie the Riveter

This idea is great for women who like to keep it really simple! Throw on a pair of high-waisted jeans and pair them with a denim tie-front shirt and a red bandana (and maybe even add some cherry red lipstick). Boom, done.

5. A deer!

Dress up as this adorable creature by throwing on a brown faux fur vest, a pair of antlers (headband Antlers are fairly easy to find), and painting some white spots over your face. Using makeup or paint that is specifically for the face, you can outline your nose and other areas to really complete the "deer" look.


6. Mary Poppins

This costume is sure to be one of the cutest at the party. All you'll need is a long, black, flouncy skirt, a white button-up shirt paired with a black blazer, a red ribbon tied around your neck, a black bowler hat, and, of course, a black umbrella!

7. A Flapper

Go back in time to the '20s for Halloween by embracing your inner Gatsby! This one is very versatile and up to you - pick a gorgeous dress that fits the 20's theme and pair it with an elaborate jeweled or feathered headband. Put your hair in a low bun, throw on some black heels, and you're done!