DIY Autumn Wreath

With fall in full swing, and with the holidays coming up, a fall wreath just makes sense. As a decoration for a door, it adds a touch of comfort for any household. Elegant, personable, and timeless make this a classic fall decoration. Making your own wreath can be inexpensive, fun, and  can last for awhile. Read below to follow our instructions on our fall wreath, but feel free to vary your style.


wreath supplies.jpg
  • 50’-60’ of burlap or linen rolls
  • Hot glue and glue gun or needle and thread
  • 18” wire frame wreath ring
  • Various decorations (artificial leaves, berries, small pumpkins, cotton, fairy lights, etc.)


1. Unwrap one roll of burlap or linen and fold one of the edges into thirds.

making wreath.jpg

2. Secure fabric by weaving it into the wreath ring wires in an under and over fashion.

3. Take the other edge and fold into thirds as well. Thread the edge further down the ring opposite the direction of the other woven portion (over to under and vice versa).

4. Pull fabric until a small loop is formed and pull the sides of the fabric to fluff it.

wreath instructions.jpg

5. Take the edge and thread it through the next wire and form another loop. Repeat process until you run out of fabric.

6. Unroll a new roll of fabric and thread it through the last loop that the previous roll covered and start the process of weaving and looping again.

7. When you run out of room on the wreath ring plug in your hot glue gun or, if you are choosing to sew your decorations in place, thread your needle.

8. Take a decoration and find a spot where it would look good and secure in place using glue or thread.

9. Repeat process until wreath is complete.

wreath on tree.jpg


  • Hide the glue or thread by securing the decorations within the folds of the fabric.

  • If you can see the wire frame between the folds, don’t be afraid to glue the fabric together at the base.