5 Ways to Appreciate Caregivers


November is a busy month...from Veteran's Day to Thanksgiving to the stressful anticipation of the rapidly approaching Christmas holidays, it can be easy to forget that November also marks Caregiver Appreciation Month. It is meant to honor the nannies, babysitters, daycare providers, and the caregivers of wounded or disabled veterans who take care of our most vulnerable and keeps our society afloat. This year, take some time to show the caregivers in your life that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. Here are some ways you can do just that.


1. Buy them a gift card to a spa. Caregivers dedicate most of their time taking care of other people, so why not give them the chance to be taken care of for once? 


2. Grab a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Sometimes, a great meal is the perfect thing to boost one's spirits and make one feel appreciated.

3. Send flowers and a 'thank you' note for all that they do. Simple and from the heart, this one is sure to make their day a little brighter.

4. Buy them tickets to something they love, whether its to a game of their favorite sports team or a play that they've really been wanting to see. 


5. Put together a gift basket of items that can help relieve their stress. You can include some soothing bath products, a bottle of their favorite wine, some chocolate, or whatever else you think they might like.