DIY Fall Candles

This Fall, enjoy some yummy-smelling fun by following this guide on how to make homemade pumpkin scented candles! This is a fun way to warm up your home with the cozy scent of Autumn. You can follow this guide exactly or substitute your own spices to fit your preference!

What you’ll need:

  • Canning Jars

  • Soy Wax Chips

  • Wicker

  • Holder

  • Vanilla Bean

  • Pumpkin Spice (ground)

    • Can be made with ground nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, & allspice

  • Cinnamon (ground)

  • Knife & Cutting Board

  • Scissors

  • Chopsticks



1. Melt the wax

Portion out the wax to fill your jars. Fill a pot with water and set a heat-safe bowl on top of the pot. Add the wax chips to bowl, allowing them to completely melt. Keep a close eye to make sure boiled water doesn’t spill out of the pot.

2. Scrape the vanilla bean

Use a knife to split the vanilla bean lengthwise. With the dull edge of the knife, remove all the seeds by scraping the insides of the bean. Set aside the seeds and core of bean.

3. Adhere wick to jar

Once the wax has completely melted, remove from heat. Dip the end of the wick holder into melted wax and stick to the base of the jar.

4. Stabilize the wick

It’s important to keep the wick centered by placing a chopstick on both ends of the wick. Allow the chopstick to rest on the mouth of the jar.

5.  Scent the wax

Add pumpkin spice, vanilla seeds, and vanilla bean into the wax. With a chopstick, gently stir the wax to evenly distribute the spices.

6. Pour wax into jars

Remove the vanilla bean from the wax. Gently pour the wax into each jar (try not to move the wick).

Step 7: Let the wax cool

Let the wax cool and harden (about 10-15 minutes). Trim the wick.

Step 8: Let the wonderful smell of Autumn fill your home!

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