How To Keep Your Resolution


New year, new me is what most people are telling themselves throughout the month of January. However, the number of people actually attempting their new self will continue to dwindle. Many would love to achieve their goals to change their lifestyles for the better, but too many fall short of those goals due to circumstances that doomed them from the start. Never fear for there are ways to improve your chances of creating the new you that you desire so much. They are simple and complete game changers but will require your full attention to achieve.

Don’t aim for something out of reach.
Many people try to get the hardest things out of the way but it just doesn’t tend to work. Always start small when it comes to goals. Once you achieve a small goal set another one and continue this process. You will gain momentum as you continue to succeed. Setting too large of a goal sets you up for failure and will give you a negative outlook towards what you are preparing to do. Try to chop up your larger goal into smaller sections if you have any trouble coming up with milestones and soon you’ll complete that bigger picture.

Connect your goals.
As in the more similar your goals, the easier it’ll be to accomplish them. This differs depending on what you set out to do: become fit, characteristic shift, or improvements to your property. Try to keep your goals linked together as if it were a spider’s web. Do that and it surely won’t seem as if you are taking on a task the size of a mountain. Breaking that mountain down into boulders then breaking down those boulders into pebbles is exactly what will make your goals achievable.

Remind yourself.
You may forget one morning that your goal ever existed. When that day comes it won’t matter because you set up reminders for yourself. Sticky notes and alarms are perfect for this task because remembering your task is the first step to completing your task. Maybe you won’t to read more so you put a book under your pillow for when in the evening you lay down. Be as creative as you can when your reminders but just don’t hide them or you may not recall that one resolution.

Treat yourself.
Not as in cheat your goal if it has to do with food. Instead this applies to every time you complete one of those smaller goals. These can be as creative as you want but try to prevent your treats from having a negative impact on your larger goals. Some cool rewards could be going to see a movie or maybe getting yourself something you’ve wanted from your favorite store. Your treats are only dependant on what suits you best. Just remember it is a treat not a cheat.

Not giving up is the one thing that’ll keep you going. Give up and it’ll be even harder to start again. Don’t take a break from a goal or it’ll become a habit to do so. Keep up with your goals and don’t doubt yourself for a second. How strong you feel against a challenge is all up to what is going on in your head so don’t slip up.

Once again what keeps you pushing and what drives your motivation will determine whether or not you succeed. Exploiting what you are truly interested in by mingling it with your goal. A reward is a nice way to keep yourself motivated and reminding yourself everyday will push you to try your hardest. Keep it up and soon you’ll be able to say you achieved your new you.