Serena's Handmade Children's Clothing


Serena White, is 50 years old, has been married for 30 years and has 5 children; one daughter, who is 27 and Quadruplet boys (4), who are 14 yrs old. She is a true southern girl at heart, born in Charleston, SC, “I have had a love for sewing for as long as I can remember but never a chance to learn while growing up. I've been sewing for 31 years. I had no idea there were so many different types of sewing. So many ways of making things. I am always eager to learn them, I guess you could even say that am addicted to learning about and practicing sewing.” Serena feels like sewing has become a lost art, “I just hate to see that happen. So many handmade products are now being made by machines which just is not the same. I see too many things made so quickly just to get as much out as they can without making it right/complete. I believe 100% in the saying quality is far more important than quantity. I started out learning to sew by trying new little dresses when my daughter was a baby and making matching mother-daughter dresses. I always looked forward to seeing her face light up while twirling for the first time in her new dresses.”


Serena has sewn for many friends and customers along the way. “When we had our Quadruplet boys, it was a challenge but was able to make a few special outfits for them with the help of a close friend. I found out just how sweet boys clothes really can be!” Sewing for her boys is when she really realized just how much she loved sewing for children, not just her own but others as well, “now that they are older I've been dreaming and planning of starting my own in-home children’s clothing business. I enjoy making children’s clothes so much to the point that if I'm sewing and it’s time to get up and do anything else, it’s hard to pull myself away. I love to create sweet things for little ones. I can be doing something and have to stop just to jot an idea down for a new outfit so I won’t forget.” There are many different types of sewing, Straight Stitch, Appliquéd, Hand Smocking, Heirloom, and Shadow Embroidery, which is her favorite.

Serena has taken many classes to learn many of these technique, but some of them she has learned on her own, struggling until she finally understood it or just asked questions to seamstresses that have been at it much longer than her. Serena will tell you that, “there really is no end to what you can create. Each piece is so special.”


Over the years, Serena has entered 3 contests. The first was here locally, years ago,  at the Munford Fest. Serena entered a hand smocked "Jesus Loves Me" dress and received the 1st place prize. The second contest was through The Sew Beautiful Magazine (no longer in print), she entered a beautiful burgundy velvet dress with a round heirloom collar with French laces and pin-tucks and sleeves with beautiful beading and ribbon and pearl beads which was made for her daughter. “Out of many entries I did make it to the final round but did not place but it was so exciting trying. I learned a lot from so many other ladies on that adventure.” Her 3rd and most recent contest she entered was this year at the Delta Fair here in Memphis, TN. There were many different categories to enter in Sewing, but Serena chose to enter seven of them (to better her chances), “I received 1st Place and Blue Ribbons for all 7 entries and Best of Show in 2.”

“I don’t try new things often and am so glad I did this time. It was so much fun! I take much pride in my work. I have a Pet Peeve and I made a vow to myself to Always Match My Plaids! Take time to do it right! Take the time and do your best work. I look forward to seeing what my future holds and look even more forward to helping many moms create and dress their sweet little ones in something special. One thing I really enjoy and that's also receiving pictures from the moms with their little ones in their new little outfits. It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. The gift I've been blessed with I thank God for daily! I have the biggest fan section, my family. They always have something kind or encouraging to say about what I do. Everyone has a gift/talent to share and I truly believe we should use those gifts to bless others in some way. I'm looking forward to a new adventure in 2019!”


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