Red Bull: A Local Project Makes It Big

By: Amanda Phillips

Red Bull: a name commonly known across the United states for bringing energy to millions of people. However, we aren’t talking about the energy drink. We are talking about a different Red Bull that has been filling hundreds of folks around here with energy, excitement, and pride in our towns. I’m talking about a truck. Daniel Rogers, owner of popular business Turning Wrenches in Covington, TN and his buddies have created their equivalent of an artist’s masterpiece. Red Bull is the name, street racing is the game.

Drag Truck003.jpg

Daniel grew up here watching street racing, from the time he was in a car seat. And as he grew older, he participated in it. “It’s just what you did back then.” However, street racing started dying out around here as the years went on. But, shows like Street Outlaws have brought it back. When asked if it was still as exciting as it was way back when, he replied “Yes. Absolutely. And I hope I never lose that excitement.” Well with this truck, we don’t think he will! And, for all the car and truck people out there, here are the numbers. They started working on this S10 chevorlet in 2015, and as far as when it will be finished… will it ever truly be finished? Right now, Red Bull redlines at 8,400, runs on 120+ fuel, and currently has 1600 horsepower. However, a 2400 horsepower engine is in the works!

Like most things around here, we heard about this “cool truck” through word of mouth. The term “he raced with Street Outlaws!” was spoken, and we were on our way to see it in person! It’s true, we have a local superstar on our hands… though Daniel doesn’t see it that way. He was humbled by how everything went down. It was a friend of a friend of a friend who got his name tossed around with the production crew of Street Outlaws. “We got the phone call, and the truck wasn’t anywhere near ready but we weren’t missing out on the opportunity!” Everyone pitched in, working after hours at 1:00, 2;00, 3:00 in the morning all week long to get this truck safe enough and fast enough to run with the best of ‘em. Then, the time came… “It was awesome. A really neat experience!” Said like a man of few words.

Of course, we cannot disclose any specific details about who won, who raced, or times. BUT! We can tell you a few things. Number 1: Daniel drives. “If I wasn’t driving, I wouldn’t do it.”  Number 2: It is just like you see on TV. We asked “Even the yelling?” to which he said “Yep. even the yelling. To put it lightly, it is a bunch of men and their trucks...” And Number 3: One other detail that we can share with you is who they were up against. The answer… “we didn’t care.” That’s it. They didn’t care; they took the truck as far as they could get it that week and they went.

Daniel plans on racing with them again if and when the opportunity presents itself, but until then they will nessle back down out of the fame and production crews into their everyday doin’s. That means working 9 to 5 at Turning Wrenches, coming home for dinner, and good ole boys workin on a truck. They also compete in several local races and out of state races.

We don’t yet know the air date for the episode Daniel raced Red Bull in. However, when the time comes the Cypress team will be watching right along with Daniel and his team, their family and friends, and many people all around Cypress Land! But why just watch! Let’s have a watch party! Be on the lookout on the Cypress blog for the air date and some tips on how to host a great Street Outlaws watch party! And I have a feeling Daniel may be hosting a watch party of his own! Stay tuned! Follow our Social Media and our Blog so that you know what’s happening as soon as we do!