Feelings of A Single Person on Valentine's Day

Feelings of A Single Person on Valentine's Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day…


...also known as…


If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you wake up and want to go right back to bed.


All throughout the day you have to see all the PDA.


On your way to work, you see all the happy couples and wish you had someone to hold your hand.


At some point, someone asks you why you don’t have a partner, and on the outside you answer…


...but on the inside you say…


Later on you see pictures of the guy-you’re-dating-in-your-head-but-he-doesn’t-even-know-you-exist with the gift his girlfriend gave him.


On your way home from work you see chocolate on sale at the grocery store.


At the end of the day you decide to unwind and treat yourself…


Because when you’re single, no one can control you except yourself.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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