Rabbit Hunting: A Collection


Spring is supposedly “in the air” but if you ask any local, winter is just not wanting to let go! While we wait for warmer weather, we thought we’d share with you a cute-as-can-be collection that screams SPRING!!  

One of our own, Brandi, has been “hunting rabbits” for a few years now.  “Sometimes on the weekend, once all of our housework is done, my husband and I will venture out to either thrift shops, antique stores, or estate sales to look for the elusive creatures.  Once spotted, they must be scooped up immediately before they get away, or rather, before someone else spots them. There have been stores in which I’ve found several at once and there have been months I haven’t seen any at all.”  

You’d think the time of year to hunt them would be Spring and Easter but Brandi has found that the colder months seem to be more fruitful.  “Nobody else is hunting brass rabbits in the cold months. I’m not sure why; perhaps they’re focused on Christmas decor. Either way, I’m happy to take them home, wrap them up, and tuck them away through the Winter.  Come early Spring the bunnies emerge and find their spot on my mantle amongst Forsythia branches, moss and milk glass.

Brass is having a moment in the decorating world right now.  So get out there and see what you can find and be sure to share a picture with us!  We’d love to see what you discover.

Happy Hunting!