Summer Infused Honey


Last week we posted a blog specifically for our friends who suffer from allergies, or for those that know someone who suffers from allergies… so everyone! The one I am referring to is Food Remedies for Allergy Sufferers. The last suggestion on that list was honey. We all have heard that local honey helps with allergies. Honey lovers, this blog is for you. AND honey haters… maybe try these recipes! It may change your mind!

This week we have tried our hand at flavored honey! Or infused honey if you prefer, that may make it sound fancier! This recipe is super simple, yet creates a super tasty twist on your average local honey! Here, you will see lemon, chili pepper, and cacao infused honey. Choose one of these flavors that fit your taste buds the best, or try this recipe with your own choice of fruits, herbs, vegetables…etc. You can take this recipe just about anywhere you wish. Lavender, blueberry, vanilla, cacao, whatever your heart desires, you can do it!



1. Place desired mix-ins into half-pint mason jars and add Sanders Local Honey, leaving at least 1 inch of space at the top.

2. Stack 2 round coffee filters together and trim the edges. Place on top of the jar and screw a ring onto the jar to hold the coffee filters in place.

3. Pour 1 cup of water into a pot.  Put jar(s) on top of a trivet inside the pot.

4. Cook at high pressure for 15-30 minutes and let pressure release naturally.  

5. Remove the jars from the pot, and take off the lids and stir the honey vigorously.  Then while it’s still warm, pour through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into another jar.

6. Enjoy!

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Lastly, a big thank you to Sanders Local Honey for providing us the honey to bring you these great flavor infused honey recipes! Great flavored honey has to start with great honey!