Go Out And Vote!


Did you know that only 60 to 40 percent of Americans eligible to vote actually go to the polls and cast their ballot? Between the “I Voted” stickers, campaign commercials on TV, and the little signs in everybody's yards, there are plenty of ways to raise awareness on voting. This civic duty is a staple of our great nation. It fills people with pride when they go out and vote.


So why should everyone go out and vote?

For one, you get to make sure your voice gets heard. By placing your ballot you’re saying, "hey!, I like this person and I think they deserve to try and make our government even better!" Politicians have agendas to achieve their goals. They want to get elected so it’s what they have to use. They know that if enough people like their agenda and decide to vote for it, then their chance of getting elected only gets higher. That can mean you may have to do a little research before voting.

Getting to know a politician's agenda may not sound like fun, but the payout can be massive. You’ll go into the polls knowing exactly what you're going to do and that can take out the apprehension some people feel. Knowing who is running and what their stance is can help you feel like you're really a part of the process.


Your voice is getting heard and that’s great! As a Citizen of the United States, our government is giving you the chance to pick who you want to represent you. These people are trying to get your attention. They’re trying to show you what their stances are so you’ll like them and want them to represent you. By voting, you’re actively making your voice heard and your opinion known. Your opinion matters especially when it comes to electing government officials.

Are you planning to head to the polls this election season? Check out Cypress Magazine for the agendas of some of the politicians running for governor! You can also visit sos.tn.gov for more information on voting registration, candidates, and voting dates.