Rock Climbing in Tennessee

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One of the most popular activities right now is rock climbing. It’s an exciting workout that can challenge you and is very family friendly, whether it is on a fake wall or on real rock! 

Tennessee has a lot to offer when it comes to rock climbing and is usually a popular state to travel to all year round. With the mountains and cliffs in the area, there are no shortages in areas to carve a route out to climb. Due to this, you can see many climbers on rocks even in the winter! Places like Nashville and Ripley are only a couple of the many places you can go to find more walls to last you a lifetime.

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In West Tennessee, you can see many crags. Crags are tall rock walls that usually have many different routes that the climbers can take. This attracts rock climbers from everywhere and challenges them due to all the walls being unique. Popular places in Benton County such as Starr Mountain are visited and climbed frequently. 

If you are not able to travel or you are not a fan of real rock walls, indoor rock climbing is a wonderful option and is usually the most popular due to the accessibility! Rock climbing gyms provide a safe and easy way to learn and excel. They provide a variety of different wall paths and methods to climbing the walls. Methods such as belaying, which is a two person method, can make climbing the wall easier. This can also help make rock climbing more accessible for kids of all ages. 

Many techniques and tricks are used to improve over time. Rock climbing is such a unique activity and is a way to exercise in a fun, exciting atmosphere. So next time you or your family wants to try something new, find a rock climbing gym or climb at one of Tennessee’s many beautiful destinations!