Introducing the 2019 Burger Tour!

Of all the burger joints in all the towns in all West Tennessee, we absolutely had to go to these four!

Since expanding our coverage area to all 21 counties back in May, we’ve had the privilege of exploring all of West Tennessee. For our burger tour this year, we’ve gone from Union City to Savannah and dropped by a historical drive-in that’s still going strong. 

Alibi Bar and Grill, Bell’s Drive-In, Bob’s Burgers, Pasta, and Pizza, and The Spot all took the time to sit down with us and talk about what got them started and what keeps them going. Their stories and food are all as unique as the people behind them. 

With all their differences, ranging from being an innovator to following traditions, all the burgers are embraced and cherished by their communities. Some witness the community’s growth and evolution. Others host artists of all kinds. Another focuses on what’s important. 

What’s truly amazing is how the same food, a burger, changes from person to person, city to city. We truly hope that we’ve done justice for these amazing places and we encourage you to visit as well. 

A road trip doesn’t have to be cross-country. Take a weekend, discover all the great burgers that West Tennessee has to offer.