Grace Escandon Signing


Grace Escandon, the Munford High School Girls Soccer Team’s Best Defensive Player of 2018, signed with Southwest Tennessee Community College on April 5th, 2019. Escandon did not have an easy decision to make. On Senior Night this past fall she tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and one of her meniscus(a piece of cartilage in her knee) which sidelined her for the last few games of her Senior year. It took several months of physical therapy to get Escandon on her feet, “I was devastated. I really wanted to play with my best friends. This signing means everything to me right now. I was really devastated when I tore my ACL, but then I went to tour this college. The coach had reached out to me previously, during the season, and then I realized that this really was the best decision for me.”


Escandon’s teammates had a really big impact on her during her recovery, “My best friends on the team have really been there for me. They’ve been through everything with me and this soccer program. We’ve seen a lot of growth, we’ve seen people go, this season may not have been the best, but we were always there for each other.”


Cristie and Ric Escandon, her parents, and her Grandmother, Linda Berglund, were also there to watch Escandon sign on with Southwest. They’re all really proud of how strong of a comeback Escandon is making. “It’s been really hard for her to not play and to not finish out her senior year, it was just two or three games, but that crushed her,” Cristie explained. Her mother said that she had been playing soccer since she was, “knee-high to a grasshopper.” Escandon’s whole family is excited to see her play in college as are her teammates and her coach.


Escandon’s coach at Munford, Stanislav Jamscek, is really proud of all the girls on the team, “This class has been very good, we’ve had three sign, Destany Bowman, Lyndsie Relyea, and now Grace Escandon, that’s a good number. On the boy’s side, we should have at least three as well.”

We wish the best of luck to all three girls as they follow their dreams to play soccer in college!