Welcome to Cypress Magazine


Arlington, Millington, Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Covington, Ripley, Brownsville, Somerville, Oakland, Drummonds, Mason, Halls, Bolivar...towns in the shadows of Memphis, Tennessee, each possessing their own unique heritage...their own traditions, and their own culture wrapped in the charm of the south.

Cypress is that. We are the Tomato Festival of Ripley...we are the International Goat Days Festival of Millington...we are the famed Grand Champion Munford Band...we are music on the square in Arlington...we are the award winning Bobcats of Haywood High School in Brownsville...we are Safe Night Out in Atoka...we are Brighton Fest and Car Show...we are a morning stroll through the square in Covington...we are a night at the Fair Theatre in Somerville.

Cypress is not just a magazine...it's a celebration of small town living; and a tribute to our heritage.

Celebrating our towns and heritage