Deer Rally


    Did you get a deer this year?   Did someone tell you, “You ought to have that one scored!”?  Then you need to be at Haddad’s on Saturday, March 17th.  The famed Haddad’s Department Store of downtown Munford, TN is hosting its annual Dear Rally this St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday.. For thirteen years, Haddad’s has been celebrating the deer hunt with this event, “This was a joint effort of TWRA and our store,” Elliot Haddad continued, “Jake Yoes, with the TWRA, came to us to see if we wanted to be a check-in station.  We got together and decided to make it an event. 

    This year’s event will be hosted at the historic storefront and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency will be in attendance from 10am-2pm to score the dear. The rally is expected to bring an estimated 1,200 attendees to the downtown Munford area, weather permitting of course.

    Because TWRA is judging the rally, there some rules that must be followed to not be disqualified. Deer must be legally killed in Tennessee, with no previous score and dried for at least 60 days.  If you want to find out if your impressive antlers are a record, or just where your trophy ranks in the state, this is your opportunity!   So if you, or someone you know, has a “”Wow!”” deer hanging on the wall that has not been scored, bring it in between 10:30 and 2:00. It will provide the TWRA with some important data about Tennessee’s deer herd and it just might give you some bragging rights.

    Along with the competition, Haddad’s is also hosting an amazing sale.  According to Elliot Haddad, “It’s our version of a black friday sale, our one big event for the year.  People come hang out, share hunting stories and shop, then hang out all day long.” Giveaways and prizes will be awarded the entire day and there will be a food truck selling delicious crawfish! Be sure to come out and take part in the fun.