Happy Arbor Day

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J. Sterling Morton saw the importance of trees and the value they provided. and starting on April 10th 1872, he started the very first Arbor Day, though it was known only as “Tree-Planting Holiday” at that time.   Trees are needed as windbreaks to keep soil in place, for fuel and building materials, and for shade from the hot sun. And here in the Mid-South, we love our trees! Ornamental or utilitarian, trees are a precious resource that we need to treasure.  

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Arbor Day, it is as easy as planting a tree.  Follow this 3-Step guide to ensure you’re doing your part:



1-Select an Ideal Planting Location - I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a tree that was once beautiful but because it was planted in a poor location, it had been cut in half by the power company.  When choosing a location, keep in mind soil conditions water availability, overhead wires, space available for roots (to avoid upsetting sidewalks or streets) and space available for the canopy (to avoid interfering with traffic or business signage).

2-Select the Right Tree - Be sure to take into account hardiness zone, moisture level, light provided, pests present, soil quality, and air pollutants (some trees are more tolerant than others).  The species of tree you select will depend greatly on its purpose so make sure you know the reason for the tree and this will help you to select the proper one. Trees will also have an impact on the area you plant them in so be sure to choose a tree that won’t negatively affect the area you’re planting it in.  

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3-Planting the Tree - Depending on whether the tree is bare-root, containerized, or balled and burlapped will change the way you plant it.  It’s a good idea to not only source your trees from a local nursery but to also consult with them on the best way to plant the tree.  Some trees require fertilizer while others don't; some need more water where others will die from being constantly soggy, and some will need a support until they’re better rooted.   It’s best to talk to your local gardening expert for some tips and tricks to help ensure your tree thrives in its new home.

Happy Arbor Day 2018 from your friends at Cypress!