Happy International Left-Handers Day


Come one, come all, especially those who write with their left hands!

International Left-Handers Day started in 1976 to celebrate and raise awareness for left-handed people. Being left in a predominantly right world needs to be celebrated especially considering what left-handed people have faced and sometimes continue to deal with.

Today, while there is still some prejudice toward left-handed people, it’s not nearly as bad as it has been in the past. Southpaws, as they are also known, have encountered being “corrected” for not writing with their right hands. This stigma goes back to the middle ages where people could be accused of witchcraft for writing with their left hands. It doesn’t help that they live in a world made for righties. Today left-handed people also face the perils of perpetual hand smudges, right-handed desks, and spiral bound notebooks.

So to celebrate all the Lefties in our lives and let them know how great we think they are, try using your non-dominant hand while going through your day and let us know how it works out! Try opening opposite how you normally do or try just flat out writing with your opposite hand.