Going to College


Back to school season has begun. For students entering college, this school year is one of anxiety, excitement, and a mixture of other emotions. Leaving home, learning new skills, navigating a foreign social scene-- these are the life events that are defining for teenagers on the brink of adulthood. Maybe you have a son or daughter who will be experiencing these moments in the upcoming weeks, or you are the students stuck between high school and your whole future. While this article is directed towards students, if you are a friend or relative feel free to share with a student you know. Here are a few tip and tricks for dealing with, well, life.

  1. Make sure the medical stuff is taken care of before you leave.

    Transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy near your university. Call your local pharmacy and speak with someone about changing your prescription filling location.
  2. Talk to people from the college you are going to.

    How did they like their classes? What about their professors? Is that restaurant down the street any good? Colleges often have ambassadors eager to answer these questions. Call up the admissions office or see if you know someone who went to the same college as you. It will make the first few weeks much easier to handle.
  3. Don’t take 8 A.M. classes unless you’re actually a morning person.

    If you aren’t waking up at seven now, you aren’t going to start waking up at seven in a month.
  4. Keep in touch with your high school friends…

    But make college friends also. While it is important to talk to friends you already know, having college friends you can go to in person is just as important.
  5. Use the student discount.

    Many stores and products (including online shops) offer amazing student discounts. When signing up online, make sure to use your college email to receive lower prices (and maybe even free shipping).
  6. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

    Get the contact info of important places at your college, like housing, urgent care, your major’s department, and everything in between. And don’t be scared to get in contact with your roommate. You can coordinate dorm decor well in advance.
  7. Find ways to deal with homesickness.

    What makes you feel better when you’re missing home? Maybe it’s a Facetime call to your siblings or a quick text to your parents. Do what you can to curb this dreaded “disease”.
  8. Get creative.

    After studying and going to classes all day, you may feel drained. Painting, knitting, photography, and other creative outlets are a good way to energize and inspire you for another day of hard work.
  9. Organize your space

    Do you like writing in a planner or using a digital calendar? Whatever works for you, these tools will help keep your academic and social life organized. Make sure to set reminders so you can finish things up ahead of time.
  10. Have fun!

    These are the formative years of your life. Take advantage of anything and everything you want to try. You may end up finding a life-long hobby, career, or passion.

As a student about to enter college myself, I am just as nervous as you are. I am leaving a lot of things behind (including my Cypress internship) because my college is out of state. But with diligent preparation, a great support system, and a whole summer of waiting, I feel ready for college and all that it will offer me.