Growing, Growing, GONE!


Whether it is the last first day of preschool, the last first day of 3rd, or 7th grade, or the last first day of high school, parents all across #CypressLand this week are realizing just how fast their kids are growing and growing, and just how soon they will be “gone” (off to kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college!) They are growing up parents, what are you going to do!? Here at Cypress, we are going through the motions with you, and many of us understand your joy and pain. Here’s a list of all the emotions you may be feeling these next few weeks. See if you recognize any...

  1. Proud: You should be proud of what you have done as a parent! You have gotten your child to this stage in life and have allowed them to move forward to a new big adventure!

  2. Nervous: Will they make friends? Will they like their schedule? Will they feel confident that this will be a great year? Will they adjust well to being in a new grade?

  3. Excited: Someone is getting your kids out of your hair for EIGHT MONTHS!!!\

  4. Nostalgic: Just yesterday they said their first word…. where does the time go??

  5. Hopeful: The future ahead of them is shiny and bright. Time goes too fast, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. They are so big!

Regardless of which emotions you go through, or if you go through all of them, remember that each and every last first day is a new door, a new opportunity, a fresh start to their next big adventure. And also, it’s ok to cry, just as long as you wait until they get out of the car!

If you have any pictures or experiences of your kids' first day, share them with us on Facebook and Instagram!