Trucks or Cars: Father's Day Edition


Fathers are one of a kind, and if your dad is a handyman, you know he loves working on vehicles. Whether it be for fun, a project, or for importance, Dads seem to always be either working on cars, talking about them, or watching them. Although they love working on them, they always need a vehicle they can depend on. So, whether you know your Dad prefers trucks over cars or vice versa, it’s always good to know specifics about both.

For years, trucks have been used for mudding, cargo transport, and towing. When Dads that own trucks are asked about their experience with them, most of the time they have nothing but positive things to say. They have a great record of being reliable and durable.  They are impressive when referring to transportation and reputation, but what about the other pieces of the vehicle-puzzle?


Trucks have many impressive characteristics, like the ability to tow RVs and huge loads; however, they can be harder to drive, are more costly, and have less seating. They’re pricier because they are bigger, and they use more gas. Having a truck can make a person feel confident. Trucks are great forms of transportation, but like cars, they aren’t perfect.

Cars are known for looking nice, sleek, fancy, and being family friendly. When people think of these, they think of Lamborghinis, BMWs, and Teslas. They also think about family-friendly vehicles like minivans, Toyotas, and SUVs. Small vehicles are known to be “fancier”, but are they safer?  


Cars have been thought to be safer than trucks, but that isn’t always the case. In some cases, they’re thought to be more dangerous because they’re lighter and can more easily be involved in an accident. They also have limited visibility because they’re lower to the ground, and that can lead to accidents as well. Some people believe cars are a better choice of transportation because they save gas, they have more seating for passengers, they have better security with enclosed trunks, and they can be easier to maneuver. Altogether though, it is mostly based on preference.

There has always been an argument between vehicle owners about which is better: trucks or cars? If a dad is asked, he may he-and-haw, but most will say it’s no question that they like trucks. Although this argument has continued for years, the decision is based on one’s preference on what they’d prefer to drive.