Veggie Explosion with Polish Turkey Sausage


3-4 tablespoons olive oil


2-yellow squash

1-green bell pepper

1-red bell pepper

1-yellow bell pepper

1-purple onion

1 or 2 Jazz or Honeycrisp apple

Jalapeno (optional)

1 turkey polish sausage


Slice all veggies and turkey, place in gallon size ziplock bags. Each bag will fill the skillet so divide the turkey as desired. Drizzle olive oil and any seasonings that you prefer! We only used olive oil. Seal and toss for about 30 seconds.

Place cast iron skillet over the campfire and add about a teaspoon oil. Carefully add ingredients from one bag and cook for about 5 minutes or until turkey looks fully cooked. Use tongs to stir. Repeat with the second bag and Enjoy!

Campfire Food101.jpg